Health Care Reform- The Time is Now!

Signing up for the plans will be done online, by phone or in person. In New Jersey, the online sign-up will be done through a web portal that accesses New Jersey’s Health Care Marketplace* . This health marketplace is where people will select the health plan that is right for their circumstances.

The marketplace will offer four tiers of coverage, bronze, silver, gold and platinum, ranging from basic to most comprehensive.

If you are covered by your employer:

People who get health coverage through their employers in large companies (at least 50 workers) will continue to be covered in this manner.

If an employer has fewer than 50 workers, they will not be required to provide health coverage, and employees will need to enroll for health coverage through the health care marketplace.

Medicaid and Subsidized Care:

Medicaid eligible: Those with an income of up to $ 11,490 for an individual, or up to $24,550 for a family of four will be covered by Medicaid. For the first time adults without children will be covered by Medicaid.

Subsidized Plans: The amount of subsidy is based on a sliding scale up for incomes of up to 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

* is the website the federal government is using to publicize the law, is to be re-launched as the exchange website.

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